Premium Origins

Aroma and character of distant lands

A variety resulting from something meticulous and perfect, the selection of cocoa from diverse origins for the most demanding palates.

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Classic Origins

Veteran origins for expert gourmets.

The family with the highest cocoa content, with a mature taste and deep origins.

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Pleasure, emotions and different sensations.

A symphony of flavors where the best chocolate is the canvas on which the most surprising and evocative notes are painted.

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A wink to the art of the classic Chocolatier.

For those who remember with fondness our origins as small chocolatiers and chocolatiers. Details of good taste and tradition for those who know how to appreciate it.

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Take care

An enriching experience in body, mind and senses.

The tasting of the most select chocolate harmonized with the ingredients that best contribute to your daily health and well-being.

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